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Jesus set before us the beautiful example of how to live: experiencing our life through His love, holding nothing too tightly, except the things that God holds dear to His heart- other human beings.
Your article is so true. I enjoyed reading it.
Good start on a powerful message. Hope you flush this out a bit a repost it later.
Sweet but way too short! Please flesh (I think that's what dub meant to type) this out. Perhaps add you personal response throughout this, rather than just at the beginning, so that we can relate to where you are on this journey?
Awesome choice of "beautiful" scriptures! I agree, draw out the application and this will be powerful.
Great message Thayer.
Only thing God will kill out of us is our pride. He can't stand pride and it must be broken so He can work with us. We all love Jesus, now let's deny our carnal thinking and follow Him. Remember thinking only hurts us (Isaiah 50:10-11), so let's loses ourselves in Him, Amen!
Thank you. Blessings. Helen