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Oh my...this was so sad, yet so comforting at the same time. The parents were with each other again, separted for one day before being together in paradise. The daughter is the one left behind, but there has to be a satisfaction knowing they are both together.

Beautifully written this tender poignant tear jerker.

God bless~
I loved the first part of the story where you told me so much about the MC by showing the situation. The ending had a surprising and tender twist to it. But the obituaries felt like an interruption and although they summarized the parents' lives, it seemed technical. I think you could have brought them to life with more of the style of writing you used in the rest of the story - which was a fresh look at grief.
Bittersweet and moving. The narratives are well-written, with a few punctuation issues, but I felt that the obituaries brought the narrative to too abrupt of a halt. I'd have preferred more memories of the parents, or more development of the characters of the husband and wife. Your writing skills and attention to detail are very good.