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This is an outstanding piece of creativity. I totally loved it right from the beginning, when the MC set a good example by pulling over before texting, to the last word.

There were some spots where you had double quotation marks or didn't capitalize a sentence inside of the quotes that a challenge buddy or crit group could help with. (PM me if you need help finding one) Also instead of finding creative taglines like he implored, use that space to show the reader. You could say something like: He clasped his hands and looked me in the eyes. It'll still show who is speaking but paints a picture for the reader.

You did do some great showing. The question marks flying out of my ears not only gave me a brilliant picture but had me chuckling. You also did a nice job of delivering a good message without coming off as preachy. That takes some good talent. I truly found this a delightful and riveting read.