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Wow! This is a masterpiece. You had me choking back tears from the very beginning. It was beautiful yet sad at the same time. I pray I never have to feel the loss of a child; I can't even begin to imagine how I would cope but I'm sure God would have a plan all laid out for me. I will say when the man appeared and said Angel I thought you'd use the familiar writing tool of the mysterious man actually being an angel. It's not that I don't believe God sends us angels it's more that it is an oft-used way to wrap up a story. When I saw where you were going instead, all kinds of emotions tumbled through. For me I think one of the more important messages that I reaped from this story is that God will use normal, everyday people to perform a miracle. I often feel unneeded and believe the world might be better off without me or wonder why God even allowed me to be born so I could totally relate to the MC on that level. However what really smacked me in the gut was the knowledge that a commoner--someone that many may not even be noticed could be a stand-in for God and his angels. It gave me a sense of hope and purpose and I am so extremely grateful for your words that told God's message to me. Again I say WOW!
This is just an after thought. I'm not great at titles but it seemed to be this one should be called I Remember. I say that only because those who do pay attention to the title might see the ending coming, though by not making the stranger be an angel it still had somewhat of a twist ending. No biggie really, your title is great too but I just wanted to share some of my musings. Again thank you for this moment. :)