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This entry is an absolute HOOT! I howled through the explanations. I'd buy a book in a heartbeat!!
So that's two of us who plan to buy your book, and why not? It's a perfect pick-me-up for a dull day.

You couldn't have been more on topic if you'd tried because every noelogism is sooo funny.

And we all know who you are so we may ask for an autographed copy!
Looking forward to the book. You have a very well-tuned ear for puns. All the best with the last 37.
Whoops! 37 is tutu many! (Can you use that somehow?)
Hi-LOL-arious-describes both the action of your reader and your work. Favorites are "abracadaver" and "edifice complex." :) And that "Meanderthal Nan"--I just wanted to keep her from getting lost in the stone age. :) I hope this does well! I loved it, too.
You are a funny man. I echo everyone's sentiments.

Too too funny for words.

God bless~
This is a hoot. Though some flew over my head --perhaps you can come up with a phrase that means Shann didn't get it. I'll be waiting for it! You did have me chuckling on several and wincing on a few-- a perfect combination.
Laughter "is" good medicine and you have just given your readers a needed dose! I think you may have a best seller. Get prepared to write a sequel.
Wing His Words!
A Gentleman's answer to "You Know You're a Redneck!" (Im from Memphis, Tn and have been called a redneck!)I absolutely LOVE this and it WILL be a best seller...thanks for an early Tuesday morning laugh!

God Bless, Lynn
Clever ... creative ... and hysterical! So well done! Awesome!
This was soooo funny. I just had to share it with members of my family who enjoyed it too. My favourite was 'Navel Destroyer.'
Great job and I wish you the best on your book.

God bless!
Congratulations on your 3rd place ribbon my friend!
Congratulations, Noel!

Wing His Words!
A winner and great piece! This is hilarious, and takes more thought than I thought. (^_^) Congratulations.
Congratuflippinglations! As CD said - you are a very funny man, but I knew that already! Get that ebook out right sharpish.
Ha-haha-haha!! This pun-derful piece had me laughing over and over again! :D I love words, and your definitions were a delight! CONGRATULATIONS on your level win!!
Smiled, then chuckled, and finally began to really have a good time! Very witty- you clever man. Congratulations on your win!
Congrats Noel! Awesome job! God bless!
Congreatulations on your ribbon and for placing 12th overall! So close. I do expect you to come up with a word that means your puns zoomed over Shann's head and when explained to her she seriously laughed! :) Also notice the e in my first word--pretty clever eh? (Don't tell anyone it was a typo)
Wow, what can I say that hasn't already been said; besides I'm not so clever or quick on the pick up; but honestly, I truly enjoyed this. Especially because it made me pause and think! Congratulations, and the very best of luck when then is published!
Congrats Noel! God Bless~
My character has grown - enormously. This is hilarious and SO clever. I have printed a copy off - to ponder on those I'm struggling with! and to share with others. Put me down for a copy of that book!!