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Wow! I truly have goosebumps and tears in my eyes. You made the commercials we have all seen on TV come alive and feel real like I actually knew each person personally. I go to one of those tiny churches you mentioned and there is a man who often sleeps in the parking lot across the street. When ever we have a dinner and I see the man I take him some food. He's been turned away at the door before by some of the church ladies and I don't understand.Your story hit me hard and I know what a difference it could make in this world if every person who reads this does what God lays on their heart. This is a brilliant masterpiece.
You did a really good job showing the haves and have not's. We really should be ashamed. Ugh...
Very profound commentary and powerful execution of "harsh cold reality."

Great job. I pray that this really didn't be that insensitive with that kind of film running on the screen simultaneously with his light comments.

Great fuel for thought, and prolific message.

Thanks. God Bless~

We are so blessed. We have abundance and aren't even aware. Good job! Thanks for the reminder that many in our world go to bed hungry every night. God bless!
Powerful drama at its best.

Well done.
A powerful challenge for our gratitude to include large helpings of generosity towards those for whom our scraps would be a banquet.
This really was powerful! Your use of contrasts to show the two scenarios was masterful. And the message you painted was so clear. The idea of both being grateful and being mindful of those who are in need and what we need to do ... again, so powerful. Awesome writing!
Wow. This piece is amazing. Congrats.
Congratulations on your EC! Great entry.
First placing - well done!
I'm so moved by this drama - your writing made it very real. I'd love to see this done at our church. Congrats on your EC - well deserved.
Congrats! God Bless~
A masterpiece. Brilliant work. Congratulations on your placement.