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Wow! This was truly a powerful and emotional and clever entry! I had to read it a two times to appreciate the full impact of the electryfing truth that jumped out of the screen into my heart!

Thank you for this insightful and brilliant piece. There were some "typos" but it didn't distract from this masterpiece. Thank you so much!

God Bless~
This was a delightful story, I really enjoyed every word of it.

But the typos and misspellings were just too distracting throughout the read for me.

Since you a master storyteller, I would encourage the use of a spell check before the completion of your entries.

And how wonderful are your words, this work of your hands!
I think you have some great creative ideas here. The beginning grabbed my attention and I wanted to read more.

I did get a tad distracted by all of the typos like marvelsed, teel defectie, and the ending seemed like maybe part of it was missing. You may want to check the message boards for a critique group or a challenge buddy.

You did a nice job pulling the topic in on this one. I'm sure it would be weary to face rejection after rejection. This is something that many writers can identify with for sure.
Okay, I apologize. I read it again and what I thought was a missed part of a sentence, I realized was what the story is really about is abortion. So I went back and read it this time and understood the things I had missed before. This is a clever take on a commonly written subject. I realize you wanted to have the reader experience a twist. It's the question of walking that fine line between people understanding it and feeding too much to the reader.If you polish up the errors and end with something like "Oh if only they would realize abortion decimates the species." or something like that I think this could be a riveting story that would take the reader by surprise. It is a brilliant bit of writing.
Very creative and well written piece. And as mentioned, the main message catches the reader by surprise thus driving the point home even more. Nice work!