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This is a delightful retelling of David. You really brought him to life for me and I could picture the entire scene.

Remember to include which translation you use when you quote verses. At the end, I don't think you needed to add the phrase threefold quote. You already did an excellent job of writing on topic. I know sometimes I get nervous that people won't see the topic so I add the words of the topic just in case... However, the strongest stories are when you know what the story is about without knowing the topic. You had done that with your great characters and your beautiful arrangement of words. I really enjoyed that the main part of your story was based on a different scripture. You really nailed this.
Beautiful job. I loved this entire piece...I always enjoy stories with Biblical characters.

Thank you. God Bless~
David has always been one of my favorite Bible characters. Such an inspiration! You capture his faith and devotion perfectly in this piece. I especially love how you pointed out that David didn't pay attention to all the things his superiors and elders said that he couldn't do because he was young. He just trusted God and in doing so brought a giant to his knees. Reminds me of the song "What Faith Can Do" by Kutless. One of my favorite lines is "When the world says you can't, then it (faith) tells you that you can."

Also like how you said that David knew who he was and Whose he was. Great job!
Excellent retelling of a familiar story. This was well written and easy to follow. You did a great job! God bless!
Interesting take on the topic, and very well done. The world needs people who are a triple threat. Good job.
Nice retelling of the biblical story. God bless.