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This was so funny! I liked it very much. I loved the the description of her husband coming to get her! So funny. Good job.

God Bless~
This is hysterical. I love the vision of Hubby charging down the hill with his pants drooping!

You may want to make shorter paragraphs and double space them to give the reader white space. Also a comment you will hear often is Show Don't tell. For example: My husband and I were excited to get out in the boat is telling. Instead show the excitement like My husband grinned as he tossed his gear into the boat. (It's not the best but I hope it helps you understand what I mean)

The fact that this is a true story makes it even more delightful. You had me giggling quite a bit.
This piece is filled with fantactic details. I can see, hear, and smell this campsite. As far as comments go, I agree with Shann's.

Thanks for the entertaining tale!
Here's another one that had me roaring with laughter. Hope you win something for this.
This story was so much fun and delightful to read. It also filled me with a warm feeling about your relationship with your husband - a wonderful testament to a fun and loving marriage.
Way to go - snagging the biggest fish of the day. I laughed at the picture of your husband rushing to the rescue with his britches halfway down. Good story-good writing! God bless!