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A good fun read that subtly captures the mood, without becoming Austentatious. Good dialogue, though "Mama" may be a more American term than "mother" or "mamah."
Great atmosphere and verbal visuals.
Made me smile. I do love Jane. Very creative and unique take on the subject.
This is certainly creative, and you capture the personality of Austin's characters well. I did find the various "if only" musings a bit ... forced? But it was a great way of presenting the theme, and had me chuckling. Well done.
Nice job utilizing a literary giant such as Austen to bring forth the subject matter at hand.

I enjoyed this. God Bless~
I thought this was quite creative and very on-topic. You took me back in years andit was a pleasant journey.
Ah...I wanted to grab a copy of "Jane Austen and Google" and settle down for a nice read like Mrs. Bennett. But alas, your delightful story was short and to the point and a very clever take on the topic at hand. Well done!!! God bless!
From what I gather in reading this family's search for knowledge, information and help...the answers do not come from the Wife and Mother of the household... but from the Writer of this saga, who gives a Modern Day answer in his or her "TITLE". Unique way to spell out this week's subject matter.

(I'm hep to "Google"...but unfamiliar with Jane Whatshername.) Nice job.
I can only echo the other's praise...very clever and entertaining and ingenious the way you so lightly touch on the topic, yet done so powerfully! Great job!
On topic, creative, and enjoyable reading.
I enjoy this historical look into the old days before information can be gathered so easily. The need to have a service available to search and consolidate all desired information at one's fingertips is the prelude to the invention of the search engine, and your story conveyed this point so colorfully. Excellent piece!
Congratulations on your placing. Well done.
This was absolutely delightful!