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Good job...I enjoyed this. God Bless~
This was an interesting read and view of Judas...but to me, it doesn’t seem scriptural as it seems to me when I read the account in the bible it seems to imply that Judas hanged himself almost immediately after knowing that Jesus was condemned and I don’t think he lived to see Jesus on the cross. Matthew 27:3-5
Of course others may see it differently, as the exact timeline is certainly not precisely told.
Well written and an interesting interpretation. I too think Judas committed suicide immediately following his trip to the temple to toss away the silver. Nonetheless, this was a well written piece.
I love this! I have imagined a very similar scene and often have a different view of Judas than others. You made him human and real. I don't know if he saw the crucifixion or not, but I believe if he did he would have reacted just like you said. This is one of my all time favorites.
After reading Matthew 27 again Ithink it is quite possible that Judas witnessed the crucifixion. There are two words in my translation (NlV) the first is in verse 3 when Judas realized Jesus was condemned ~ that to means his sentence was already delivered

The second word is Meanwhile and then it goes on to describe Jesus' ordeal. Tome that could mean he was at the beginning of the end while Judas was in the temple. With the translations through the ages, it doesn't say whether Judas was there or not but it's quite possible he could have witnessed it. That wouldn't have been important to Matthew. In the end, I don't know that it matters because your story shows how human Judas was something we all have in common.
Wow! I cannot remember ever reading a story from Judas' point of view. Great writing.
I enjoyed reading this. It helps us remember that Judas was a human just like us, who got deceived and led into evil, later to regret it terribly.
It held my interest too.
This is so powerful. I can't help but feel sad for Judas; I so desperately want for him to stay alive long enough to repent to Jesus after the resurrection. I wonder what Jesus would say to him? Well done.
I have often wondered if there was real repentance in Judas. The fact that he hung himself seems to point to real regret. This was a well written story.
Very imaginative and courageous attempt to delve into Judas' thinking as he joined the disciples and continued with them - especially as you have only 750 words to wrap it in.
The hindsight of scripture gives us no clue as to what Jesus saw in him as he prayerfully called him to be with him. It's a safe bet that "Judas" will remain as a name to be avoided by all prospective parents.