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I managed to rise above the testosterone that fuels my brain cells and saw the other side of male humour. When people ask my wife how I can remember all those jokes, she replies: "The bigger question is WHY does he remember all those jokes?"
But I enjoyed this light-fingered touch on self-analysis, with a wry devotional angle to wrap it up. I hope it rates well.
I liked your article a lot. I'm lucky, my husband, doesn't make any 'rehearsed' jokes at all :-) (only spontaneous humour in our home, thankfully). But I know lots of couples who struggle with very opposite 'blends' of humour. We are mysterious human beings and that's always worth some contemplation, even if it seems futile. Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed it.
tee hee..funny pondering..."not your best work" love that little interaction.
You are probably right about God putting opposites together. An interesting read with a good sense of humor.
This was a fun read that I'm sure many couples can relate to. Congratulations on ranking 8 in level 3!