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Thanks for sharing. Imprisonment in any form requires courage of an unusual sort. I could tell from the title and the last two lines that your "prison camp" had little to do with conventional warfare...I think. However, at my first reading it was not that clear.

Just an opinion..Work on transitioning from one paragraph to the next. This helps to bring about cohesiveness to the narrative.

May God give you grace for every thorn.
Love this entry. It’s a clever/unique take on the subject. It flows and builds to a loving conclusion. Most of all, as one who has peripheral neuropathy, believe me when I say it is so very accurate. It tells the story of those of us living with constant pain without losing sight of the joy that soon will be ours. There are some days when that’s all we have to keep us going. If, as I suspect, this was born out of personal knowledge, thank you for having the strength to share.
Your skill in expressing objectivity despite your pain is very real, and I love the touches of humour - especially the failure in bullet dodging 101.
Loved the confidence that seeps through at the close.