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A stunningly beautiful depiction of healing. WELL DONE!
Beautifully written story. A story of pain and healing painted by a true artist.
Brilliant. An out-of-the-box effort if I've ever seen one. Very touching. Thank you for sharing!
I really liked the urgency of her desire to paint, and the way you kept that up even through her memories, all of which you then tied in to the painting at the end. No loose ends, every word was important. Well done.
:) Karen
A creative, healing work from the Creator and Healer Himself!
This touched me in ways I could not possibly express here. Beautiful. God bless you.
Oh, I just love this!!!
Paul asked God 3 times to remove the thorn in his flesh. God replied, "My grace is sufficient for you. For my power is made perfect in weakness." (2 Cor. 12:8-9) This painter is a perfect example of this.
Incredible. You have a gift for reaching out and touching the reader's soul. Thank you.
Beautiful - you've painted a breathtaking portrait yourself with your words.
Yes! For me the truly creative act is linked to deep revelations and healing. Love the way her name was Rose and so I went through the story content that her name was the way you linked the story to the theme and then the surprise orchid and all that meant at the end.
Much talent here! I want more! Make Rose into a novel. It's a book I want to own!
How skillfully you took me into Rose's memories! I could almost feel her brush in my hand as you wove the story!
This was amazing. Easily one of my favorites I've read here at FW. You wrote this beautifully and I loved how you had create the self portrait without even realizing it till the end. I loved how you tied each memory to a shade of the colors. Great job!!! Well done!!!
I loved how you explored her feelings with such depth!
I love the journey of memories. Thank you for the picture. :-)
This is a great story, Tammy! I agree with the other comments... I especially loved how you tied in the colors to her life at the end! Great job! Blessings, Amy