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Lovely and tender.
Agreed, tender and sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful story. I would like to know how Kristin lost her sight. Well written.
Deeply touching!!
Oh I love this story! Well done!
Bravo! Well crafted, tender, and heart-felt. A beautiful, creative story from beginning to end. Loved it!
Blessings, Lynda
A beautiful story. You made me feel the doubt and fear and remember that turning my heart to the needs of others helps me too. Lovely!
Very moving and beautiful. God bless.
This is just gorgeous. I'm presuming it is a school for the blind in India? (I'm not way off track, am I?) Very touching.
Pat, I love that you are using your gift to not only point people to Christ but also remind them of an unseeing world and what they struggle with. One suggestion- Instead of telling us what your character is feeling - show it with strong language and word pictures - Trust the reader to understand what you are telling them.
The climax of your piece is the phrase "trust beyond sight"--a sermon all by itself. Very nice!
Great story, Pat! One little correction: "I wished I had never come" would just be "I wish..." Keep the tense consistent. Overall, though, this was a delightful read!
Wonderful story! What an inspiring and delightful read!
Oh, beautiful! Thank you for this comforting and inspirational piece.
Ditto to all the positive commments above. A wonderful and inspirational piece of writing. Yeggy.

Your story drew me in. Very touching.
Great story. I especially liked the enternal dialog at the begining and how you parantheticaly showed why she had the thought.
I enjoyed reading this. If we trust and yield, God will produce! Very sweet.
This is absolutely beautiful! Written with much heart and tenderness. It's full of deep inspiration and "sticks to your ribs" long after you read it. GREAT STUFF!
This is a wonderful story, Pat, and very deserving of a first place win. Congratulations. God's work exists everywhere and it was refreshing to read this story in particular since I have quite a few deaf acquaintances that I love and respect. May God continue to bless you and your writing. Love in His name, Karen
Pat, this was a really lovely and quite "out of the box" entry. Congratulations on your well deserved 1st place win. Love always, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Woo Hoo -- Pat!! So warm and heartfelt! Congratulations on your top notch win! Jo
It seems so real. Well deserved indeed.