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Very good piece. Felt the frustration and turmoil of his (?) heart all the way through it. The last couple of lines really brought the "ah-ha" moment and explained the level of all that he was feeling and why. Very well done! Congrats!
I love the clever way you have constructed this, because the repetition was clear without becoming predictable. From initially suggesting that the musician was an immature brat you have thrown in a twist at the end and earthed it beautifully. You have also captured the emotions very succinctly and acccurately, because while I have led many hundreds of funerals, the two hardest were for my father in 1993 and for my mother in 2004.
I wondered if it was because of a funeral from the start - but I recently had to sing at my Grandfather's funeral and experienced a near-identical inner monologue while practicing for that. Really excellent throughout.
Well written piece. I liked the repetion of phrasing and the building of emotions all throughout.
Wow, Sawa... I've been through similar emotions, practicing for funerals of family or close friends and wondering if I'll get through it. You nailed that. Your repetition in thought mirrored the repetition of the practice. This is wonderful!
Wow, this was good even before I knew that she was playing it for a funeral. That ending really tied together all the hesitation and determination she felt toward the song throughout the whole piece. This is perfect for the topic!

Congratulations on your third place and Editor's Choice!
Sara, I'm so glad this placed! Congratulations on a well-deserved EC!
As always, I love your writing style! Wonderful!!! Congratulations!!
Very, very happy for you. Do you move up to Masters now. Sure seems like you should! Loren