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Paradox is in this story! Hope in the midst of despair. God's living Word cutting through human circumstances. New life replacing death. Loneliness surrounded by supportive community. Good job.
“Consider how the lilies grow…not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these…do not worry…what you will eat and drink…these things will be given to you.” The voice of reassurance.
Wow! I really enjoyed this. Even brought me to tears! Thank you for sharing!
This was beautiful and so well-written. I too had tears. Well done.
Beautiful and bitter-sweet; tears from me too. Well done! God bless.
Touching story! I also loved that she was going to stay home with her son. :-)
I just woke up to the sounds of my baby and decided to read a few more entries while I nursed him. My mind is wide awake, but my eyes are blurry with sleep. What a perfect time to find your story! Needless to say, I could totally relate to your new mom. I am also an at home mom who felt very alone with my first son's delivery, so I actually related on several levels. Thanks for a great story!
Very touching ... and so sad. Beautifully written.
A great story with very realistically portrayed emotional content. Thanks for writing this.
Touching and realistic, sad, yet hopeful. So well-written! Great job, Karen.
Very touching story:)
This piece is full of so much emotion... I agree that "hope" is the underlying message that shines through. The judges sure have their work cut out for them this week. :-)
Blessings, Lynda
Very good job! From hopelessness to hope! This reminds me of the verse 'With God all things are Possible.' Well done!
I enjoyed your story, though sad. God always offers hope and promises to never leave us or forsake us! Great writing.
As a mother of a 12 week old, I truly 'felt' your story Karen. I grieved the loss of her husband (I ache at the thought of that being me!)and found hope in the promise that God will never forsake her. Well done!
Go Kaz! A brilliant entry! Yeggy.
I kind of wanted to know what happened to her husband, but a beautifully told story.
You skillfully transported your reader into the mind of that young mother. Well done!!
You have a beautiful flair Karen. Just flair, all over again (as per your other works)... Keep flairin'