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Beautiful story of forgiveness and hope.
I love the transformation from despair to hope! Your poems are always a joy to read. Well done!
What a lovely telling from Peter's perspective of the hope we have in Jesus.
Can you imagine seeing Jesus alive and then everything He every taught you comes to mind and the puzzles pieces start to fit together? What an awesome picture you create.
A wonderful story in rhyme. Thanks!
I love how you've captured Simon, with his "brash impulsiveness" and the emotion of "what wretched man denied Him…. 'Twas I --Oh, God, forgive me." I could feel the latter. As with all the disciples, the turn-around after the resurrection was profound. I love the poetic beauty of this, "The darkness of the twilight hour Cannot invade my soul." This soliloquy is magnetic, and a testament to Simon's life.
A wonderful window into the mind of the apostle who we can all identify with so easily. Yet you have expressed a fresh insight. Very brave in the light of our familiarity, and very clear in the result.
There can never be a more important day - filled with inestimable love and grace. The before and after you painted here makes for a day of reverent reflection.
A great job from your descriptive, emotional opening to your love for the Lord. An excellent protrayal of Simon's transition during that time. I loved your use of repitition and your slow deliberate pace so we could abosrb each line, each thought, each message. Very well done! God bless.
A beautifully written poem. It has the feel of Simon Peter speaking of all the times he shared throughout the life of Jesus.
Even after learning to critique poetry in my English class, I can't. All I see is a thing of beauty, written in such a way that I see the picture being painted.
You have captured it...the shame, the wonder, the Truth.