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What a clear, timely message! The poetry is excellent in content and rhythm.
Good, timely message! We need to be unified in love, instead of fighting and bickering.
I felt that many of your rhymes sound forced. The use of "Thee" to rhyme sounds especially forced, when you use "Your" later on in the poem.
You've got some good lines; I like the one about our tendency to focus on selling our own agendas. May we learn to unite in love!
Powerful message and good poetry too. The title begs for some serious thought from the reader.
Great poetic commentary. Your message came through loud and clear and in perfect meter. Very well constructed and told.
This is an tremendous piece of poetry. It is flawless in its design, and the message is so relevant to today. Great job!
Beautifully done! I especially like the last two lines, because it all depends on prayer, doesn't it? A lovely, well-crafted piece!
Thought provoking, sadly so on topic, and well written! Great job!
Wonderful thoughts to illustrate the verse at the end.
As always, the truth comes through your beautiful verses, so well-crafted it absolutely flows like molten silver.
Heart-stirring, too; do you think we can ever learn this terribly important truth? I join you on your knees, humbly seeking the face of the Lord.
Thanks for sharing your gift once again.
It is so sad that it takes a tragedy to make a family join together. Some may want to disagree but our country is n much are a family. This is a true Masterpiece.
So true: great tragedies like 9/11 often create a unity of mind and purpose that--unfortunately, in this sin-filled world--real, ordinary, day-to-day life cannot sustain. A timely message, beautifully written.
Yes....the question lingers...WHAT WILL it take? A thoughtful and thought-provoking poem; nicely done!
I flew back from the States on 910 to my native England on the red-eye and got in to my office in time to see the terrible footage on TV.

Your poem brings that awful time back to the front of our minds. And it reminds us that people who have yet to find their faith in God come together in a spirit of common purpose and endeavour so rarely, yet so often in the most terrible of circumstances. That in itself suggests that God is gently trying to make His voice heard in all people. If only people would hear his voice in their normal daily lives.

Thank you for writing this.
A great challenge here to remember what unites us and not to concentrate on the divisions so much. Beautiful rhyme, great choice of words. This is fantastic!
Good one and lets hope and pray that tragedies such as 9/11 are truly not repeated. very profound and heartfelt poem written about such a important subject.... resonates clear as a bell.
Good poem. I loved the repetition and cadence. The point, especially in the title, was made well.
There's a devotional hidden in this poem. Great job!
You did an excellent job with this powerful poem.Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level and the top 30 overall!