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I'm howling...I'm howling. And probably every other woman out there who's been married more than 6 weeks! This is not si-fi or fantasy. Single ladies...beware...this is reality! Still howling! Hee hee, hee hee!!
I enjoyed this story and, unfortunately, can personally relate.

This was well written, but perhaps if the husband was slightly more real (less of a straw man), it might have worked even better.

Or maybe I'm just mad that you nailed me.

Good story!
LOL I hope this wasn't written from personal experience. I wanted to slap Greg right from the very start. LALA LALA LALA LALA, I'm not really listening. Perhaps some roses, chocolates and a few nice dinners might be in order :-)
Okay - this one got to me. I almost got mad at my husband and he didn't even do anything! :o)
Nicely written and an exciting read! I know the feeling of having my heart missing a beat or two, and the agony of not knowing how my spouse is doing in my absence, especially with delayed arrivals for appointments. You’ve described the feelings so well in your story.
Women SO organised for away from home times. No wonder men switch off or conveniently forget. Really enjoyed this fun write.
Don't be so hard on my namesake. Why didn't she leave it somewhere more obvious - like stuck to the fridge?! Men, what can you do with them?
Ah, that old selective hearing bit. Poor Greg. I was hoping something bad hadn't happened to him, I'm glad he's fine and she's fine. Hopefully they can work that out next time.
truly enjoyed the read. Excellent dialogue and I am afraid so very typical.
I loved your characters and found them to be completely believable.
Good write.
Love Norms