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Loved the humor here. It took a whole week, huh?! LOL. Must have been a biggie. Nice story, well written and most enjoyable. Blessings. :)
I enjoyed that it was the tough old men gossiping. Although in truth you showed gossip doesn't benefit anyone. But it was a nice setting and a pleasurable read.
Funny. Hope this is entirely fictional but unfortunately, most of these things have happened - somewhere. Enjoyable read.
I really enjoyed these two old characters having a good (make that bad) gossip about all and sundry. I also liked how you let the conversation stand by itself, without turning it into a sermon on gossip, thereby allowing the reader to learn their own lessons from it. Great job!
I, too, appreciate that the reader gets to use her own brain to figure out the moral of the story. (: The conversation is SO real, I felt I was standing in Great Britain meself, listenin' on the old codgers. This is a wonderful illustration of true conversation.
Funny. Entertaining and ministered your point without beating me over the head with it. Great job.
This was funny! I enjoyed reading this.
So, is that what men talk about when they go hunting?
I feel that I ought to say something to defend the species against Lisa's remark but unlike your two garrulous old men I find that words fail me!
I enjoyed the earthy banter. Not sure that it all tied together as neatly as it could. The last line felt a bit flat to me. And by the way your title was both excellent and awful.
Funny, funny. Thanks for a good laugh.
Oh well. It is conversation. lol I enjoyed the natural flow and laughed at the honest viewpoints depicted.
I grinned all the way through this--could almost hear these two old fellows.

I had to re-read the first paragraphs a few times--got the names of the dogs and the men mixed up. And the last sentence thudded a bit.

This was a refreshing and highly amusing read--I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Who said men never gossip. It might have been a different setting under different circumstances, but I felt convicted none-the-less. Liked the very easy flow of the companionable dialogue.
Well, I know people usually think that women are the ones who gossip the most, but it goes for guys sometimes too. :)

I chuckled several times reading this. I like how you use a light-hearted air and at the same time show how silly it is when we focus on the way people look and smell and whether or not they come to church rather than being concerned with true matters of God's Kingdom. Nicely written!