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I was confused at first. I usually think of Cody as a boy's name and Lyndsay as a girl's. Once I got past my confusion and settled in I enjoyed the story. I was pretty sure Cody wasn't human but being a chimp surprised me. But you did a great job with pulling the topic in
I was also confused with the names, but I liked that the conversation was with a chimpanzee, a unique twist to the topic.
This is an entertaining story. I have to agree that I was confused about which was male and which was female. I reread the story after the identities became clear and enjoyed it.
This was thinking outside the box. Quite entertaining.
How cute! At first I thought that Cody was a special-needs person. (I also was a little confused at first with "Cody" being a girl and "Lindsay" being a guy.) The ending really surprised me, but had me smiling.

A very creative approach to the topic.
Cute story. I liked it. I figured out it was a chimp! :-)
I enjoyed the conversation and the grunts. I expected a twist coming but hadn't guessed it being a chimp. Very good dialogue!
This story really put a new perspective on the word - conversation. Would so love to know what our animals are really thinking. Way to write out of the box!
Nice job with this story:) It was a bit confusing with the names. I confused boy and girl names for an India story I did once. Is easy to do. With all that grunting, you could have been writing about a man engrossed in his football game on television:)
I've always been fascinated by chimps learning sign language - great job with the story, and the relationship between these two friends.
LOL! I got my first hint that MAYBE Cody wasn't a human when her siblings were sniffing fruit, but when she wiped her nose on Lindsay's pants, I was thinking "This had better be an animal or Lindsay needs to find new friends!"

Unique way to illustrate conversation! Enjoyed this story. (:
I love out of the box. Very creative and touched my heart. The names were fine to me. Loved the story.
This was a sweet exchange with friends. I enjoyed this story.
I was also wondering about the whole "wiping the nose on the trousers" thing. Trying to figure it out kept me reading to the end! Good job.
Maybe it's because I'm British, but I didn't have any problem with the names. Lindsay works well as a male and Cody is one of those new forms that can remain as neutral. I also clued in early on that Cody was some form of simian. So well done for a good story. This reader for one got it.
Very original and creative!
I enjoyed your very creative story. There were several tips that Lindsey's friends weren't exactly human.
I kind of suspect Cody ain't human after reading the first few sentences, but didn't know where the story was leading to till the end. Very original and an interesting read.
This was great! You have the mannerisms of a chimp down beautifully. I could see folded arms, the shaking of the head and the raspberries being blown. I don't kiss mangoes, but I do sniff them :-)