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A mother's grief over the decision to abort her baby returns to haunt many a soul. You have described the ordeal quite well. "If only...I should have known better...oh, Lord, what have I done."

Your article will reach out and touch many a mother and perhaps cause them to delay their fateful decision a little longer, just long enough to change their minds and turn inwards to the life that grows withing them.

Thank you for your insight to a very private action known only to God. Blessings. :)
This is touching and well written. It is a vivid description of feelings that I'm sure are right on target with this sad "Day of Decision." I love the way you ended it with God's great forgveness and love.
This was well done on a very difficult topic. My heart hurt for you as I read this. I commend you for sharing something so difficult.
This story, so skillfully written, tugged at my heart for women everywhere who have aborted or given their babies up for adoption. Through personal relationships, I know how those days of decision haunt them still. Thankfully through God, forgiveness and healing can be found. I expect to see this entry receive the recognition it deserves.
Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level and in the top 40 overall.
I greatly appreciate all the words of encouragement left by my colleagues. I do want to set the record straight; however, that this is not autobiographical--the story came from years of experience working with women who are post-abortive. I have experienced the terrible emotional pain of the loss of two children to miscarriage, and my heart breaks for anyone who has been injured because of legal elective abortion. Women in a crisis pregnancy situation are vulnerable and are often pressured to make a hasty decision without having all the facts they need. Pregnancy resource centers around the world do an amazing job toward healing and hope in this area.