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This one caught my attention in a shocking and riveting way.

I'm assumed this is fiction, but you've nailed the details down so accurately, that I have doubts.

If it is fiction it is a masterful piece of historical fiction.

And a glorious dedication to the families affected.

Excellent title and gripping writing! It must be real is what I felt. Please continue to write!
This piece was filled with suspense. The details created a vivid picture in my mind. The only argument I might have is that Mike smelled the methane. I always thought methane was odorless, which makes it so deadly, until it is mixed with Mercaptan so that people can smell it if there's a leak in their house. But other than that little detail you did a great job describing the disaster that cost us and the planet dearly.
You did a masterful job with this. Of course, on the news, I heard that 11 oil rig workers had died but that was all I ever heard and the focus was then on the environmental concerns. Your story made the horror of what happened to the workers real for me, and for the first time, I have a picture of what it may have been like for these people. Good, good writing!