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Intense interplay between father and son; very good. I could almost feel the swish of the canes as they whistled by. Your story shows how determination can make a difference in one's life, no matter what the odds.

Watch the overuse of commas; other than that, a finely written story. Blessings. :)
A tale so rich in tactile images and the universal sentiment of letting go of a child prepared to face the world...really loved this one!
The details were splendid and the readying of a child to face the world priceless.
Some great description here on the sense of touch and then the resolution of him smacking up to his son, and embracing him with honor.
Second time I've read about the city of Caliet here. Very good writing skills. I enjoyed the discriptions. But the Caliet line through me as did Nusale. I take it both are cities? Irregardless, the pacing of the story was good and kept my interest until the end.
I could visualize every movement and could feel every texture. This is excellent.
This story had the touch all the way through. It was heartwarming. A good Father-son piece.
I too enjoyed the interplay between father and son. A nicely tactile piece all the way through. The story carries so many of the emotions of a parent: pride, joy, and the sorrow of parting.