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Wow! Great story. Very touching. I love when you revealed who the narrator was at the end. :)
I didn't notice the title until the end and so you kept me guessing all the way through. I think that this is a very entertaining entry. Well done!
This is a lovely story and so touching. I puzzled a bit over who the narrator was I thought it was God, then maybe a sister, in the end I thought it was her mother, but I puzzled why she didn't see her daughter until she was 3 days old, unless she was adopted. But then sometimes I just slow on the uptake. The sentiment within the story is beautiful and that's what touched my heart.
So creatively clever. Great story. You had me guessing who was talking the entire time and loved Caroline being who own best confidant.
I'm sitting here with tears, and great appreciation for the tenderness and creativity of this story. Well done!
Very clever point of view:)
I enjoyed the tenderness in this well-written story. I guessed doll and stuffed animal...never would have guessed mirror. Clever!
This piece gripped me and kept me reading to find out who the narrator was. I was confused and it wasn't until I read the comments of others that I figured out it was the mirror. It's creative, but I think it could be reworked at the end to make the narrator more clear, but that's just me.
I think it's a great example of showing and not telling. Seems to me creative and well written. Good job.
You kept everyone guessing who the narrator was in this fun, sweet piece. I'm glad you made it clear in the ending lines.
May I just add "mega dittos" to the other comments? I had to read thru twice to get it. Congratulations on a great entry.