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I love the title, and love this heartfelt poem. Honestly captures the suffering each one of us experiences when it is "our turn" for the trials. Near perfect rhyme and meter, and perfect verses from Job to go along with this. If you've been through what this poem depicts, take comfort in knowing you are in the midst of many fellow sufferers, headed toward home where there will be no more questions (or pain!) ~ consider yourself hugged by all of us!
Carol, this portrays so many layers of truth. The words express the cry of all of our hearts when we walk through those seasons when heaven seems silent. It is in those times that our faith is tested and it is the promises of heaven that hold us during those times. Beautifully expressive.
You spoke for all mankind in this sobering poem, and reached into the darkest recesses of our true emotions when trials overwhelm. You exposed the weakness of all human hearts and yet equally echoed encouragement in having faith in that which we cannot see. Most excellent. :)
Beautiful expression of truth.
This is full of pregnant truth and thanks for sharing these lovely thoughts in rhyme.
I could "hear" very well the cry of your heart in these words--right on topic.
God hears our cries though heaven is silent. In silence there is closer communion with Him. Draw nigh, Carol, and know you are loved. Also around the throne of grace bow many souls beside you, praying for strength, healing, peace, and relief. In other words, we are not alone! Blessings & prayers
You have amazing wisdom and comfort found here. I especially like, "This testing, this trial, -- Is part of His plan, -- And though He may tarry -- I'm safe in His hand." Beautiful work!
Beautifully written and uplifting to the soul. Your cadence and rhyme were excellent.
You opened up such a sacred part of your soul to reach others, what a wonderful, generous thing to do. Thank you for sharing, and for giving me hope for tomorrow.
This expresses the depths of our souls very well—all of us who love the Lord. Heaven may be silent, but our God is not, for we know He hears us all the time. Beautifully written.
Thank you for a beautifully written poem, that offers so much hope from heaven above.
God Bless. Keep writing.