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This is a fun entry. The "punch line" didn't really sneak up on me, but I enjoyed getting there anyway. Good dialogue, good writing.
I agree- this was a really fun read!
Ahhh! A fellow NaNoWrMo! Fun, I enjoyed this, great take.
I like the whodunit/three-minute-mystery feel combined with undeniable humor. Hopefully Mr. Wicket will learn to communicate a little better with his wife and give her some writing time when she needs it. ;)

Fun entry!
Hmm, I might want to rethink my desire to participate in NaNoWrMo! Better prepare my husband if I do. :) This was original, clever and hilarious!
What a wise man your detective is for telling Mr. Wicket to turn one of the spare bedrooms into a writing room for his wife. I like the mystery in this entry, and the ultimate revelation. Ahhh, Nanotime... how wonderful, frustrating and fun. I've not booked into a motel for a month, but I have for the odd day :-)
I solved it almost immediately, but enjoyed it just as much. Very clever.

(Red ink: minor comma errors, and about 3/4 through, it should read "woman" instead of "women.")
This is so cleverly written. I had a suspicion about NaNo too, but still LOVED where you went with this! Your title is great! I enjoyed every word you wrote! :)
Definitely a fun mystery. Quite a novel experience. Thank you. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline.