The Official Writing Challenge
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I'm wondering if I should be able to recognise the tune?
Inspirationally revealing an encouraging and joyful heart which does "my" heart good!
Because it's about Faithwriters, it probably won't be very high in the rankings, but I'm sure all the judges and we fellow Faithwriters will enjoy the truth and appreciation it conveys. :) I especially enjoyed the part about each of us having a story that only we can tell. Great writing! Thank you Faithwriters!!! :D
Well, now you need to stick around 'til 2050 to see if FW actually makes this their official song. We could all sing it in unison at the FW's annual conference! :) This was fun.
If they are still chanting Raps in 2050, this wuld make a great one! Might not be around to see it - that would be my centenary year - what a thought!