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Very powerfully written of a day that has come to some and may come to America if we do nothing.
Purpose and passion drive this strong entry.
Alleys is the plural, not allies.
Leaves one thinking.

Perfect word choices, not too purple and not bland. Consider me your new shadow, but don't worry, I will plenty of light to write.
Powerful and thought provoking!
Excruciating truth exposed through excellent dialogue. Very good writing!
Chilling story, powerfully written.
I felt like I was reading the past, present, and future...only God knows how it will all end.
Reminds me of history class--I had a great history prof. This was like an episode out of one of his lectures. Very good atmosphere--definitely creepy folks to have critiquing a decent manuscript. Nicely done!
This was very well written. It was chilling, my sister was a missionary in Siberia in the 90's, I could relate all too well with stories she shared of the history there.
Your story is powerful and haunting. Your writing of this period (and setting) feels so authentic. Excellent!
Wow! This powerful piece captivated my interest and sent chills down my spine.
Powerful historical fiction. Nicely done. Sobering.
Awesome angle on the topic. POwerful reminder of our freedom to write even if other "freedoms" seem to be slowly disappearing. Such power in the written word.
This brought to mind the book One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Your descriptions put me right there and I could hear the voices and easily visualise the surroundings. A very creative take on the topic, well done.
Chilling and wonderful at the same time. I love this take on the topic. Great stuff!