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Although "confusing" all the way through as to whom, when, and where all these things transpired; (At least to this reader) however, it contains poetic and beautiful writing but perhaps I got lost due to a "simple" mind and it was too far above or too deep for my mental capacity. (*.*) The thoughts were very creative in my opinion, even though I couldn't grasp them all. Nicely written.
Well, you really got me with this one; I'm sitting here choking back the tears. The first half of your story describes one of my loved ones right now - totally lost. I mean, you could be writing his story! So this hit very close to home. I loved this: "You longed to have compassion on me. You waited to be gracious to me." Oh, this so perfectly describes the heart of our Father! Then my favorite line: "the tattered manuscript of my decisions transformed into a scroll of life." So beautiful, really, the picture of Rom. 8:28 - and what I pray for my loved one. Thank you for writing this!

"My idols of independence, self-sufficiency, and the right to my own opinion, all built of mud and refuse, so cleverly overlaid in gold, were hollow comfort to my barren soul."

Well said. Thanks for the powerful reminder.