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My first thought when I finishd reading this, was: "What's this got to do with the Topic, "Critique"...but it finally hit me ( a little slow on uptake evidently, (*.*)) that you were critiquing a movie, or so I assummed. Some great thoughts in this devotional type entry. Well written.
I have also seen the movie and indeed screened it in our church here in Tete, Mozambique. The scenes where he's struggling with temptation are very powerful.
I think you'll find that the theme for this quarter is literary and therefore a cinematographical critique would probably be seen as off-topic.
I, too, am wondering why you chose to critique a movie. Having said that, however, I think you effectively took a movie scene that was very moving for you, and juxtaposed it next to your own struggles. That gave it a very personal and humble tone, which I found refreshing. Movies, like books, tell stories that can change our lives. I think you'd like Ken Gire's book, "Reflections on the Movies". You might want to consider writing devotionals, as well, because this entry would fit that genre.