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I love Rosie's persistence. This was very well done. Even a text message can be a mighty pen.
The MC was believable. Put your finger on a real epidemic, with older men who have these real thoughts, yes, even christian men do. All of his striving, failures, pattern of behavior with family and a associates, it all had a real tone to it.
Wonderful job pulling us into Joe's troubled world, and giving him hope at the end. Good story!
Loved this story of the power of God's love through a young grandaughter for her beloved grandpa. Well written.
Oh, the pressure of it all. I was Joe, then . . . no, I was Rosie trying to reach Joe. Ok, back to Joe. I love it. Larry, you made me absorb each pop-up character, in turn, all the while never leaving Joe’s organized path of despair. Satisfying tie-down, at the end. Thank goodness, for Joe, courtesy of his loving family, fourth call, and, of course, John 3:16.

Congratulations on your 1st Place Win, Larry.

Wow, now this was definitely worthy of a first place win. I enjoyed it so much. Excellent story.
Congratulations on your 1st place win and EC placing! A moving and worthy story!
Congratulations on your EC placing!
I loved this! Your main character is very well-developed and the way love and truth eventually reach him is so powerfully written. Congrats on your EC.
Larry, this story stirred deep emotions, your ending gave me chills. I'm so happy to see this on the Editor's Choice list. Your title is perfect. Super congrats!
Such a vivid depiction of a troubled man's life! The device of the four phone calls worked very well indeed, and the ending was very moving. Well done--congratulations!
I love the title and the message it conveys. Well done and congratulations on your EC!
I was caught up in your entry the entire time.
-love when that happens.
Loved the way you handled this so realistically, with his son hanging up on him, and getting an answering machine, when on the edge of suicide already. Really well done, and great message! Congrats!
Wow, did this hit home. When you get those urgings to share God's love, don't resist!
Such a believable and heart warming story.
Larry, congratulations on your first place in advanced, as well as your Editor's Choice. Well-deserved! This story warmed my heart. Very believable, realistic and left a door open for hope. Tremendous!
Congratulations on your brilliant portrayal of how sudden emotions and cold calculations constantly ebb and flow through a mind in crisis.
You've thoroughly deserved your win.
Gripping and believeable. It shows how God can take anything, even a text message, and use it for His purposes.