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Amazing what we do for love. I hope he doesn't regret it. Nice story.
I love the voice and the rhythm of your writing. Your MC becomes a real person by the end of this wonderful story.
You have a talent for making quirky human behavior absolutely hilarious! (the "eyelids fluttered in a seizure-like manner" "neck curved back….her martyr position" LOL! …and then "you and me and thirty Jersey girls"

This is a warm and beautiful illustration of the Proverbs verse. (…and I like that he takes the government job…. I liked it so much that my neck started to curve back as I read. :) )
Four things I love:

1. The subtlety of the title
2. The "martyr position"
3. Not being "cheese people, or even dairy people"
4. Everything else
I like this. Nice subtle use of humor, with a great message to boot! Great job.
Am I the only one who felt sorry for the men in this story?
A load of fun with a sprinkling of painfully accurate insight into the battle of the sexes. Maybe all that dressing up was just a bit silly...
I enjoyed it all! The characters, the dialog, the details, the theme. Thoroughly wonderful!
Could it be love follows an ordained orbit (no wonder we're dizzy at times) "spinning on its axis as it moves along a preset groove in the solar system." Possibly love is a grace, giving us true direction. Love doing its job (manipulated or not by the fairer sex), doing its job to keep: "the planets aligned, keep(ing) the feet of a groom-to-be grounded."

So much wit and wisdom in your work - loved it, not by ordination but by choice.

I love this. lol. Especially this: "They’ll roll into the crook of your arm, trace hearts on your chest, and then pow and wow—you’re asking yourself, ‘what just happened?’ Next thing you know you’re handing her the checkbook to buy new living room furniture.”

So cute:)
Your fiction is always amazing, but for me, this one is especially so. The dialogue is as usual, spot-on. You've really showed us how to make a "wow" scene beautiful without ruffling any sensibilities. You go, Girl!
Amen, sister. The fourth thing has often baffled myself. Excellent tale, once again masterfully presented in a rhythmic easy melody. Enjoyed it very much. God bless.
Just so yummy good!!

The dad's voice? Fab!

The honeymoon scene cracked me right up. I'm still laughing!!

Taking the government job? Oh, sweet perfection.

I could go on. And on.

What a leader you are, Lisa. Just let me sit by you, okay? :)
What is not to LIKE, no LOVE, about this story? Every phrase, the dialogue, the "realness" and the gentleness, the love... Beautiful.
What a story! So real and I loved the exchange between the parents. So many unique and wow do you do it? *thumbs up*
Your stories about relationships are always so subtly nuanced and REAL, and this is certainly no exception. Ah, the things we do for love... (And, hey, he can always do reenactments on weekends!) Absolutely beautiful from beginning to end.
I always enjoy reading your written pieces. They are always so well written that sometimes I am lost for words to give any comment. This story is an absolutely good example of the way a man behaves before a maiden! Sometimes love defies logic, and although this is not always good, it does set a good starting point for understanding the meaning of sacrificial love. Love bears all things ... endures all things (1 Corinthians 13:7).
First off - awesome title! As for the rest... brilliant! There isn't another word for it. I, too, felt bad for the guy, but I recognize the story. My dad gave up traveling full time as an evangelist to take a pastorate because my mom wasn't happy on the road. My hat is off, as usual, Lisa!
Yep, I still really like it. Just wanted to read it again though. Thought maybe the guy would change his mind :) God bless!

I have read very little this quarter, but something made me read this. Okay, I admit, that *something* was your name on this piece.

This is fabulous. I love the voice, the subtle humor, and well, just everything. So glad I did not skip this.
Congrats, Lisa, on your EC and Masters placing! Wonderful writing!
I love how you draw your reader in with your details and side notes. Amazing stuff. Congratulations on this great piece.
I'm a bit behind on my reading, but am so glad to see this one recognized for its talented content. This entry brought smiles to my lips this morning. As usual, great job, Lisa.
I found myself hoping Lily would tell him to do what will fulfill him...then I found myself wondering if I need to take my own 'advice'.
So well deserving of EC! I am so proud of you, dear Friend!
Thanks for the heart warming message

Very nicely written--As per Gregory's comment, no, he's not the only one to feel sorry for the men in it. :)