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This is incredible, I often think of a sunset when I hear wow, but you described the most magnificent sunset ever. Outstanding writing.
Poetic prose. Deeply connected. Yes. I liked it. Nice start for the category.
I like your approach of seeing the sunset from the eyes of the beholder describing the magnificence of God's creation. Creatively written to give the reader the sense of awe. Well done!
Your imagination is AWE...SOME! I was actually left breathless at so many of your creative descriptions and thoughts, and your last sentence...As HIS blood drops painted the sunset sky, He wept for the pain of its beauty...I was completely taken back in AWE!
03/20/10 the view from our Creator's eyes and your beautiful descriptions.
I like the way that Hell is created long before man appears on the scene
Beautiful prose. I loved the thoughts and the way you expressed them.
Beautifully written... colourful imagery. And very creative ending... the blood in the sunset. I could hear echoes of "It is finished." I'll not see a sunset in the same way again.

(Tiny bit of red ink... being consistent with capitalizing "He" and "His.")
God has shared a special talent with you ... your passion for God's creation is evident in your work. Share it with as masny as you can my friend. God Bless!
This is beautiful poetic prose. Your images are vivid. Very nice work!
Wonderful! Your story made me sit still and read it slowly - and what a treat it was. Loved your poetic descriptions.
Beautifully presented - the descriptions paint on canvass. The prose itself a wonderful story. Short, maybe - but the delivery - perfect.
Incredibly awesome job! The way you wove in His Sovereign plans for His creation from the foundation of the world, with the actual act of creating is a VERY powerful message, to say the LEAST.
WOW, indeed. This is breathtaking. I love the lyrical feel of it and the way it all just blends together without scotch tape. Excellently done. ^_^
This nails the topic squarely on its head. Super. Great rythm and anointed feel to it. A great, WOW. God bless.
A nice "wow".
I cried. This was beautiful. Please don't ever stop writing!
Pup, you truly have a gift...this was awesome. You painted a picture with words.