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Very amusing tale. If you don't like fluffy brown things, I don't think if it matters what it's name is. You did a great job describing Janet's fear.
Very well written. I particularly admired the way you handled the description and established setting so well, first walking into the building.
An evasion of squirrels will get an eek out of me every time. Great job. I even got that eek(y) feeling while I read it. Hate rats and squirrels. Great job. God bless.
You really captured the fear, panic and disdain for rodents. Believable dialogue, also. Good job.
LOL! I had to laugh at Janet standing on the chair waving a stapler in the direction of the window! What a vision! :) I enjoyed this.
Oh yeah, this one was real, all right. Been there, done that. Great job! I could smell that trash can, see the little furry scamp chasing after goodies. I can see expanding this into the adventures of Rocky, book-length!
We've had invasion of the squirrels more than once! We actually fed one a potatoe chip once...he loved it ;-)

I liked the action in this story, kept it moving to the end