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A very nice story I liked the ending. The funny thing is even the small seemingly unimportant stuff is important to Jesus if it is important to us. What a wonderful God. Good job.
Every stage in life has its distractions hey! It is great that God is sooo understanding. And gentle. And helpful.
This was really good, I've been there myself. Very good job!
03/04/10 many times have I had to apologize to God for allowing my thoughts to wander while I am supposed to be praying... I could really relate to this story. Thanks for sharing... and congratulations on the "highly commended" placement.
Carol, this is such a beautiful and uplifting message of daily communion with the Lord. It's wonderful to see the "highly commended" by this! Super congrats!
Congratulations on recognition for this wonderful entry, Carol. It really struck a chord in my heart. So much of it sounded like one of my well as the interruptions. You fashioned it so well. I imagine all who read it had some identity with it. Greatb job!
Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I love this very realistic entry, especially the recognition of where these distractions are coming from as expressed in the last sentence. Congratulations on the well deserved recognition.
Well done, Carol...very creative! Praise God! He can sort through our stray thoughts as we bow before Him with tearful prayers for the needs of others. Shhh! is no secret what God can do!

Since there aren't very many people who spell their name like I do, I kinda, sorta, maybe, perhaps saw myself in your entry. The thing is, even though we've been friends only a short time, when you say you will pray for something or someone, we can count on it! It's not one of those "If I think of it, I'll pray about it," prayers but rather a "I am concerned enough that I will MAKE the time and I won't stop praying until God tells me to." What a lovely entry. And a well-deserved win!
Congratulation my friend! The Lord has greatly blessed me with your friendship. I love you Carol and I know He has so many more wonderful stories for you to tell. Looking forward to every one. Debby
Love the way you portrayed our battle between "flesh" and "Spirit" in prayer. And I'm glad my mind isn't the only one that does that. :-) Great writing!