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It was a cute story although I must admit I was puzzled by the signature. I get that it acted up but not quite sure why she signed her name with a Sh. The first part was very enjoyable and I felt like I knew the characters well.
Well written and fun to read. The ending was just right.
Well written and original!
Loved it! It reminded me a little of the Agatha Christie type voice. Excellent. Did the signiture of S H H prove the typewriter was sporadically playing up? Sorry if I am obtuse.
Call me a dunderhead! When I first read the story I saw the name as Harriett, I even checked several times when I got to the signature to make sure I didn't miss anything, like perhaps the name Sarah! I saw it as plain as day when I reread the article at a later date. I was reading the comments and everyone else got it, so I reread the whole story and now am embarrassed and offer my most humble apology. I enjoyed your story even more the second time through.
I hadn't seen Phillipa's note when I left my second comment, that made me feel a little better, perhaps if you ever rewrite it for something else, you could put spaces in so people like me who didn't catch the name will get it like:

S h H. H

But I still stand by my original statement that it was an enjoyable fun story, even more so now that the joke didn't go over my head!
Clever and creative. Great job!