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I thought the subject matter in this semi-rhythmic entry written in poetic form was Excellent; (although truthfully I must confess it was way above my head...mentality-wise); but unique, refreshing and enjoyable. It had to have taken alot of brainpower to find those big words. (^.^) Wow! Kudos for a masterful job of delightful entertainment!
LOVE THIS! what wit!!!
So many clever lines like 'verbal homicide' and 'even asked a Methodist'!
A real treat,you are flowing in your gift!
How in the world did you pull this off? I don't even know that many big words! Not only did you rhyme hundred dollar words, you rhymed them well. I'm impressed, if you can't tell by now. Incredibly well-written poem. Love that you even asked a Methodist...that made me laugh out loud. Kudos!
I liked this. Thanks for the humorous read. The line "He even asked a Methodist." made me laugh.
Delightfully pedantic. I confess that I stumbled over 'deficit' but otherwise I enjoyed your creative entry
Yes I stumbled here and there but I thought overall it was a treat.
Hey Mary, the highest rankings were just posted on the forums, congrats on placing 8th in Level 3! Awesome job, you can view the rankings here: