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You did a wonderful job of capturing the4 emotions - both the fear and the gratitude and grace. Lovely.
Oh wow, this is amazingly beautiful and so relateable for each of us have been that little boy. Thank God that He is loving and forgiving. Thank you for writing this. I really needed to read this today. God bless you.:0)
This kind of reminds me of how our loving heavenly Father deals with the remaking of broken vessels. Beautiful writing.
Just gorgeous. I loved the phrase shards of tears...perfect. Your poetry always feels calm, soothing, comfortable. Lovely.
Very nice. I could feel the fear and remorse in the little boy. Thank you for sharing.
I love the grace shown to the little boy! Good story.
I think this poem would be absolutely perfect if you kept to a distinctive pattern. At times it seemed like free verse but other stanzas rhymed. For instance, the first stanza, a,b,b,c,d,d had its own rhythm and flow and I expected to see the same pattern. The story content is lovely and Mom's gracious response brought happy tears to my eyes. May I print this out? (I love poetry) Patty
What a lovely and tender poem! My son has made it to the age of seven without breaking anything of monetary or sentimental value... but I think I'll print this out to remind myself, just in case... :) Beautiful job on this.
Absolutely beautiful.
beautifully touching
Beautiful poem! I felt for the little boy waiting to be found out. Glad the mom was gentle and loving :)
Loved this entry, especially the lines:
"the wait, the wait, it seems so long,
when standing, waiting in the wrong."

So true!