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what a beautiful love poem!
Great poem. How lucky your wife is to have such a romantic husband. I loved the way you brought other aspects of 'yellow' into the poem - sunshine, sunrise, golden harvest. Congratulations.
Can you teach my young man some lessons in romance? :) Seriously, though, this is a very beautifully written poem.
Awesome tribute to someone who must feel very valued and treasured by your thoughtful words. A good lesson for all of us.
Oh to be someone's springtime dreams and autumn memories! That's a relationship for the long haul.
Just love this.
Jim, you have found the right format for your creative writing. It allows you to express your deeply-beautiful thoughts.
I would be swooning in love if this poem was for me. Wow!
Absolutely lovely. She is very blessed to have you.
Fantastic poem. Loved the reminder that my wife too is "the better part of me." Well done!
Oh, Jim, this is so lovely. And like all the others who've commented, I believe she's very lucky to have you.
I loved this poem! Brings back fond memories of my and my husband's "younger" courtship days (grin).
Your wife is so blessed to have you.
Thanks for the lovely, sweet poem.
I so agree with the others: it's a lovely, sweet, loving poem. Could one of our musically-gifted friends set this to a melody? Seems like it would make a beautiful love song (maybe even become a standard for weddings or anniversaries).
I can't add much to what others have said, but I do have to say this is romantic and beautiful.
This is so beautiful I can hear music playing as I read it. I, too, love letting my lovely wife, who seems to float by me on angel wings, know how I see and feel about her. I just wish I had your poetic talent.
I never read a love poem I enjoyed more. Your miss yellow roses is, indeed, fortunate. Your repetition is just right.