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LoL--If you're NaNoing this month, have fun!! =] I wish I were NaNoing too...
Yeah! I'm not the only one eating the M&M's!
Yeah, I'm hooked. Good job.
I liked the comparison, "dorm room is solitary and white-emotionless. Yet the lack of color did not haunt me as much as the blank word document." Then I had to laugh at the peanut M&M's in the pillowcase! :) What a twist your ending was! Great work here.
It took me two reads but I figured it out - I was reading too fast the first time. ;) The light-heartedness turned into drastic seriousness, but who else but a writer could live in their imagination (with the help of a little VR) like this? Deep, and just wonderful, story.
Wow, never saw the ending coming at all! What a play on Nano...humor with a drastic turn...great job!
Sara, I LOVED your twist, and your masterful switch in mood.

Bet you're kicking yourself for the typo in the first sentence.

This was a delightful read...excellent as an exemplar for "mood."
I haven't gone the NaNo route as yet, but it sounds fascinating. I think I'd do well as I love peanut M&M's! Great job in your story and the twist at the end. I like your style of writing. Laura