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I found myself holding my breath as I read...
Wow, who would've thought an obscure verse about leprosy in the book of Leviticus could set the theme for such a vivid scene. Great job with the dialogue and description (your spacing between lines and paragraphs was good, too). Characters seemed real to me. Nice story.
Very nice and intersting! I think I saw only one small mistake that in no way take anything away from the story.

I think "loose" was supposed to be "lose"...unless I'm reading it the wrong way.

No big deal, though. The story flowed well and was a fun read.

Keep up the great work!

May God bless.

Dan Blankenship
This is great - loved it. Thanks for sharing this very real account of what happened back then and well written and told.

Your story touches the heart. Enjoyed the read. Nice job.
Whoa, very well done! Loved the Biblical story
I liked it very much. I hope you write more historical fiction using Bible themes.