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This story is well-written. I like the script-style; I can see it being used as a skit for church. But perhaps because of the word limit, the emotional impact wasn't quite there for me. Or maybe because the opening with Pastor Paul made me think it was going to be a spoof of some kind.

I expected a "spoof" as well! However, I loved reading your script style. It flowed, was sparkly and fun. (But not a match for the story you wanted to tell.) So in a future assignment may we look forward to a "spoof"??
I enjoyed the story very much...but I was curious about Rachel's age? Was she a grown woman, or a (teenage) pregnancy like her mom?
The emotional impact didn't come for me until the very end. Very well written, good story. Just a little predictable.
As a play, I think it would be more effective. I was wondering while reading it, where were her Christian parents while this was going on?
Strong characters.
You certainly unfolded the story well. I also found the ending a little strange. Presumably Rachel is also a 15-year-old unmarried Mum, so I was surprised at the pastor's being quite so enthusiastic. Presumably he would have to be careful about the sort of message he is seen to condone.
Nice script entry. I could see this being done on Sanctity of Life Sunday at church. Nicely done. I, too, wondered about her parents...