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Ah, a fun read. Good job.
Oh boy, you always leave us hanging, don't you? Ergh. Good story. I'm sure there will be lots of craziness that will happen in this deal. How many more stories will come out of this? mwa!
If this isn't a setup, I don't know what is! LOL!
Because my sister's name is Eleanor, I had to read this! It was so cleverly written that I went back to see if I'd missed anything. What a great entry! I hope you place high with it!
Quite a unique character, Aunt Eleanor! Enjoyed the banter between the two.

Got a little lost understanding the scene in a few places, but reading again made it clearer.
Light-hearted and fun to read.
I could see them both in my mind's eye.
Nice story line and excellent dialogue. Very well done!
Your entry was sweet and fresh. You captured Spring in a unique way. I really enjoyed your entry
I agree, the dialogue makes this scene and the characters so engaging.
Great dialogue and descriptions. I enjoyed both of these characters and the relationship between them. Nice job!
Your descriptive details bring your story alive. I loved the aunt--wanted to have tea with her. :-)
An enjoyable story. I have to say, as I read this, the aunt vaguely reminded me of Great Aunt Jenny from The Brady Bunch. LOL. Good writing.