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I absoluetly loved this story! The last line is PROFOUND! OH MY!!!!!! I sure hope you get lots of comments because this one is a winner in my book! Yummy! Delicious!
Very cute story. Now I am wondering about all the grumpy elderly people in my childhood neighborhood.
Very, very touching. I know someone in my family who fits the description of this difficult old lady - who actually had a sweet and childlike heart. This story inspires me to trust God for heart-level relationships rather than surface ones. Well done!!
Awwww. Very poignant. Good story.
I liked your use of beats to support dialogue and help convey the scene. Catchy title too.

I love a positive ending that gives cause for reflection. It's really what seperates this site from the rest of the secular schlog out there. Thanks for a good read!
Very nice -good characters.
Very touching. And it was well written, with a solid message as well. Well done!
An excellent message! I have known a few Mrs. Blythes in my lifetime. And I have had people come to my door asking if they could take photos of our house (its over 100 years old) because a grandparent lived here at one time. Good job.
Well thought up story.
Nice story. Well thought out with a nice emotional tug. Thanks!
You conjured a cute story! Very nicely done. :)