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Your idea is very creative. You put me right into the scene. I could see "His loving smile" too. I enjoyed this!
What a fascinating and creative approach! I've read lots of Genesis-based stories here, but never one quite like this. Very good!
I've never read a story of Eve quite like this one! To know that you were responsible for the corruption of the human race, and then to experience the joy of salvation... a profound concept! Well done.
Very well-written story and makes one wonder about Eve's personality.
I liked this approach to the topic. A fresh look at the heart of the fruit thief.
Well done. A theologically intriguing piece about the problem of guilt and sin.
Inventive POV. I liked it.
From Genesis to the Judgement Seat - you covered the topic very well in this telling of Eve's life. This was a very creative approach and well done.
I've never before given much thought to how Eve felt AFTER the fall. Quite a creative way with the topic!
Humbling to read. It is written so well with such acreative and philosophical slant. One could feel Eve's lament over what she had unleashed unto the world; and finally to see God yet forgives it all. Great job!
Very creative and wonderful take on the topic. Well done!
What a fascinating angle on Eve. And very thought provoking as to how our own sin affects so many around us and after us. Good job!