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Lovely-thank you for your thoughtful piece. Glad the chain was broken; it doesn't always happen that way.
Oh, how sad, and written with such honesty!

The only thing I wasn't clear on was the relationship between the narrator and Carolyn. I'll have to go back for a second read and see if I can pick it up.

Love the ending, with the narrator's precious daughter.
How touching and sad. Lovely piece. I liked the narrator's voice and how the adult was in some ways a child, still hurting and vulnerable. Good job!!
I like how you ended this sad story...that indeed the cycle was broken. I also liked your illustration for the word "void" in describing the mother-daughter relationship.

An emotive piece, written sensitively - very well done!!

very very sad, especially since this does not appear (to me at least) to be a fictional character. You really brought the bleakness of the relationship to life.
Very well-told story! Your gifted use of words captured the pain of the woman (and the little girl within) so perfectly. My favorite paragraph was this:

"There are many four-letter words wielding power; love is one, hate is another, but the word I use to describe this mother-daughter relationship is void. Like a voided check, never to be used, never to be cashed. Unfilled...invalid...empty...nothingness."

Excellent job! :)

It's amazing that you could be so close to this topic and write it so objectively and beautifully. I agree with the other comment that I am glad to see that the chain has been broken! All God's best to you!
so very sad, but really well written. Nice touch with how the title fits in with the story. Thanks for sharing this.
The image of the little girl she carries around is SO good. I like that you didn't give this a happy ending with the estranged mother-daughter; makes it very real. Great job wringing emotional reaction from this reader. GREAT job!
A piece that stirs the heart to demonstrate God's overwhelming love within, flooding and overflowing to heal the hurt and remove the hate. It is a treasure well expressed we share in Jesus.
Wow, this was so raw; so real. Excellent.
Excellent writing. Moving, touching, raw, evoking emotion in the depths of my own heart.