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I enjoy a good "who did it." The first paragraph made me want to read more. I believe she's innocent. But who....
Loved the suspense of not knowing who did it.
A great who-done-it! I say it was Suicide. He was killed with his own gun, and his gun was in his hand when she found him. Either that SHE did it and is lying, but not lying well. Why didn't she tell the police anything at all? Yeah, I watch too many cop shows too. :)
I think it was suicide; he was doing something crooked and the guy on the phone was going to expose it all. Anyway, I needed to find an ending to this great story. lol
Love whodunits. This is very good. Wonder why she didn't hear the shot?

This well written story could be easily expanded. I want to know more. Did she do it? I don't think so, she's in too much shock. Did he kill himself? Again, I don't think so. I think someone was in the house and phoned using a mobile phone. If the call was from overseas, there should have been "beeps" when she answered the phone. LOL I plead guilty to watching too many cop shows too.
Whoa. I wish we could have at least 1500 words or more in these challenges,grin. I wanted to read more. You are very good at writing suspense or mysteries. Loved it! Good job! I did wonder if someone else was in the house as well and why she didn't hear gun shots? So, unless you plan on making this into a story tell us Crissy please... who did it? :0)Biting nails, scratching head, hoping if she is innocent that she can get out on bail. :0))
I love a good who dun it, too! My guess is suicide. Very good writing!
woooo you cant leave us in suspense! even your comments dont give us the answer. Had you thought of the whole plot before you wrote it?
Just adding to the debate on this piece. I don't think it was suicide. If it was, then he would likely have shot himself in the head. Therefore, she would not have been able to see his eyes still open (as the scene would have been far too gruesome).