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Beautiful! Quite lovely, complete with an artsy flair. Good thoughts of a wonderful and attentive creator.
Beautifully written and I like the artwork! Nicely done.
A beautiful vessel containing a beautiful words with an inspired message. Great job - the structure of your poem actually looked like breath had been blown into it.
Visual all the way. :)
A delight to read.
"Gathering the glass like honey" Perfect.
Creative and lovely.
Beautiful! ...and so creative! Well done
Wow. This creative piece is really lovely, both in content and form. Well done!
Oooohhh this is cool! I love how you created the shape of a vase with your poetry; it's so fitting with the message woven into the words.
Amazing! I absolutely loved this. Beautiful poetry. Very creative entry, and superbly executed! Awesome.
I'm always amazed at people who can take a written piece and turn it into visual art. This is beautifully written, too.
Just beautiful! Being an aritist I appreciated the visual design displayed through your words. You have such a gift! God bless you and thank you for writing this. It was inspiring. :0)
"It's not how He makes it;
it's more how He saves it."

That opening line says it all, doesn't it? Simply wonderful analogy! Beautiful to read and to view.
Beatiful poem--beautiful presentation--beautiful message. Well done.
This is one of those pieces that is beautiful all by itself, but getting to "see" it take shape as well just adds that much more flair. Very creative!
Beautiful from beginning to end. Each and every word. A delight to the heart.